Commission in simple terms

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If you want to make money but want it put in simple terms rather than reading pages upon pages. 

1. Know somebody who runs a business, owns a company, somebody who is in charge of transport, somebody who may know any of the above.

2. Direct them to this website, print off or email the pdf document and explain the benefits of AMV Couriers for themselves and for you! Or give us the details of who we need to contact!

Keep going till they use us!

3. Once the company uses us, enjoy your earnings! 

You will get a one off £10 introductory fee, then £2 for every journey thereafter.

1 journey a week = £114 a year

2 journeys a week = £218 a year

3 journeys a week = £322 a year

4 journeys a week = £416 a year

5 journeys a week/1 a day = £530 a year

10 journeys a week/2 a day = £1050 a year

Obviously every company is different but many companies use same day couriers more than 2 times a day! 

You can recommend as many companies as you like, earn UNLIMITED commission!!

Therefore this could be very profitable for you for very little work!

Follow this link for much more in detail information.