Earn UNLIMITED commission

 We want to pay you an introduction fee and then a fee every time your company uses AMV Couriers!!

1 journey a day could save the said company over £5000 and make you over £500!!

Please click first link below for more details:

How to earn commission in more detail - click PDF link below 

Earn Unlimited Commision.pdf Earn Unlimited Commision.pdf
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 Simply show the benefits of using AMV to either your boss, area manager, transport manager or anyone who may need to use us.

There is no limit to how many companies you can recommend, no limit on how many friends you can recommend and therefore no limit on how much commission you can earn!!

Unfortunately there is a limit of one commission earner per company account!

Either print of the pdf file above or email it to who you may think would be interested. 

Once you have shown the above file to the person that needs to see it, feel free to emphasise that we are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss it in person and what we can offer in more detail.

Then, so we know who you are, and so you can get paid please follow the link below and fill in the form.


Register for Commission!

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